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Demystifying Layouts, Paperspace, & Plotting in AutoCAD

Are you confused about Paperspace, model space? Is Paperspace your most unused CADD feature? If you’re not using this very powerful tool of AutoCAD, this course will clarify all the problems & questions you might have: how to set up layouts in Paperspace, when to use Paperspace, Viewports & how it all relates to your Dimension Scale, Zoom Scale & Viewport Layers; how to plot details at different scales from the overall plot scale factor without having to redraw the details, or rescale them. In the morning session we will explore the mechanical features of Layouts & Paperspace. In the afternoon we will work on your specific problems; so bring your own drawing & be prepared to Demystify Paperspace.

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Prerequisite: Unlocking AutoCAD, or knowledge of AutoCAD with a minimum of 20 hours hands on use.

Cost: $295

Duration: 1 day, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM 

Dates:     See registration  for dates and to enroll

Take this course coupled with Demystifying 3-D and Intermediate and save! All three courses together $1095